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Getting started with android Developement…

What is android?androiddev

Android is an operating system based on the Linux Operating System. it is a software bunch comprising not only operating system but also middleware and key applications.The project responsible for developing the Android system is called the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and is primarily lead by Google.

The Android system supports background processing, provides a rch user interface library, supports 2-D and 3-D graphics using the OpenGL libraries, access to the file system and provides an embedded SQLite database.  

Android was developed by Android Inc, Android Inc was founded in Palo Alto of California, U.S. by Andy Rubin, Rich miner, Nick sears and Chris White in 2003. Later Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005. After original release there have been number of updates in the original version of Android. Android was unveiled in 2007 .

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