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Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman is exactly opposite of his more famous namesake- serious and a no non-sense man. Youngest son of two strict , disciplined but equally loving parents hails from Bihar, India and is a true son of soil. Being away from home for education and career has not made the quintessential son of soil forget his roots.

Technology and Literature are his two strongest passion along with photography. When he is not slugging out security loopholes in Software and hardware (As he is a Cyber-Security Consultant), he can be found with his camera taking pictures or with his pen (or computer keyboard if you will) dishing out articles and poems at will. In fact he is one of those rare breeds who is adept with both proper Hindi and English penmanship.

You can follow his literary take (Be prepared for a heavy those of “Vishudh” Hindi)on every aspect of human emotion in form of both poetry and prose at his Hindi Blog.


The introduction was written by a friend and all your assumptions about Shekhar Suman should be based on his articles and not on biased or unbiased beliefs of his friend.

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